Coffee cheescake wanting to be ice cream

Serves 6-8


600 gr Mon Chou cream cheese

200 ml cream (not whipped)

8 gr whipped cream stiffener

125 ml sour cream

90 gr sugar

90 ml espresso made from Lao Coffee Dark Roast (or Medium Roast if you prefer)

This is how you make it

In an attempt to make coffee cheesecake we combined several recipes. It turned out the cake didn’t stiffened enough, so we decided to make ice. It turned out to be very tasty!

Mix the Mon Chou with the sugar and the sour cream lightly. Still mixing add the cream and the whipped cream stiffener. Mix until it became a light mass, like whipped cream. Scoop the espresso into the mass, make sure it stays light. Let it cool down in the refrigerator for an hour or so. Put in the ice machine to make the ice.

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